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Molly's work as a Sound Healer stands profoundly at the intersection of her deep experience as a performer and her spiritually inspired intuition. The sound baths she gave to both of my choirs, approximately 50 people each, were among the richest and most meaningful experiences for all members. People are still talking about them! What makes her work so special is, quite simply, who she is as a person and especially her care and concern for others. I would recommend her work to anyone.

Vince Peterson

Founding Artistic Director, Choral Chameleon

I had the privilege of working with Molly over the course of a year and a half on a play with original indie guitar music which we debuted off-Broadway called Honey Dipped Apocalypse Girls in April 2018. She was the music director and composer for this show. I cannot over emphasize what an absolute joy it was to have Molly on board. Not only is she a brilliant musician with a wide range of knowledge and expertise in both vocal performance and composition, but she is a bright eyed, enthusiastic team player, who quickly became an integral part of the show. She championed our fundraising efforts, she pitched in on our social media, she led our group of actors in music rehearsals with poise and efficiency, and she worked effortlessly with the creative team to make thoughtful artistic choices across disciplines. I cannot speak more highly about a co-creator and I fully intend on partnering with Molly on future creative projects.

Helen Huettner

Artistic Director, Honey Dipped Productions LLC

I recently attended a sound bath with Molly and her colleague Liana de la Rosa and it was the most INCREDIBLE experience. Not only was it completely relaxing and calming; it was transformative. I felt like I went on a musical journey through my psyche and memories and emerged a more complete person. Not to mention, Molly’s beautiful voice alone is worth the price of admission. I cannot recommend her and her work enough! 

Tegan Miller

Founder, MTC Music Academy

I’ve been following Molly’s artistic endeavors for some time. When she announced that she would be leading sound baths I signed up immediately. The experience exceeded my already high expectations. I’ve participated in two sound baths and left with a similar feeling of resetting. The experience Molly created guided me toward mentally and emotionally acknowledging the parts of my life causing me anxiety while gently letting them go for the duration of the sound bath. I was so impressed that I even gifted a private sound healing session for my mom during the holidays. 


The overwhelming influx of information we must process during our busy lives can leave us (especially New Yorkers) feeling stretched thin. Molly’s sound baths create a safe space for relaxation, meditation and to open ourselves up to our emotions if that is what we need that day. Her warmth and kindness combined with her sound practitioner talents facilitates an excellent way for anyone to engage in self-care. 

Parade Stone


Molly has the ability to create a community where participants feel comfortable in the course of five minutes. As someone who has trouble relaxing during group sessions, this is a quality unique to Molly and allowed me to actually be able to fully take advantage of a group session for the first time.



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